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Keep using 'Mail Notification' of Netscape 4.x with Netscape 6.x or Netscape 7.x

Netscape 4.x comes with a tiny tool nsnotify.exe 'Mail notification', which is unfortunately not part of 6.x and above. The older notify does not work together with Netscape6 or Netscape7, but there is a solution for everything.
To have some experience with the Windows Registry would be helpful to follow this instruction. And don't forget to check the details page.

The files nsnotify.exe and nsmail.dll are property of Netscape and were not modified by me.
They are part of Netscape 4.7 that is available for free at Netscape.
I offer those two files here separately for download, so that you have not to install a complete 4.7 and deinstall it afterwards, just in order to receive those two files.
I hope Netscape don't mind, but I did not ask them.

First you should download those files:

All 4 files as zip (Enter «pedant» in the upcoming query to start to the download)
or the single files:
read-me-first.txt ver. 3 (you should read this first)
nsnotify.exe (the exe from a Netscape 4.7 installation)
nsmailui.dll (a necessary dll from a Netscape 4.7 installation)
notify.reg ver. 3 (a reg-file for the necessary entries)

I assigned version numbers, so you can see that there are any changes, if I had modified those files.

I used the reg-file several times with Win XP, ME and 98 SE successfully and a user feedback says that it also worked with 2000. I believe, that means, that it will work with all Windows version since 95.
To use a regfile, that you don't exported from your own registry, means a risk for your system installation.
To use it, is on your own risk.
Cause this tip is for free and worked at my computer, I take no responsibility for possible damages to your Windows installation.
You should not use it, if you do not have any idea of what the notify.reg causes to your computer.
If you have used it successfully or discovered any problems, I would appreciate telling me about your experiences by email, so I can slip them in here.

Hopeing that it will work without any problems on your machine too, I remain with best wishes.